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People who think it is utterly disgusting and appalling ( Yes i have seen people use those words) that Samuel is 11 please just chill. He might be the first youngest Kpop Idol, but he sure isn’t the first youngest star. Heck MJ was freaking 6 when he started singing with Jackson 5. Jaden Smith was 8 when he  started acting, Chloë Grace Moretz (coolest girl) started acting when she was 7.

Stop acting all hypocritical, he is not the first ever. His mom supports him and if he didn’t want the idol life he wouldn’t have left LA. He is also surrounded by older people who believe it or not actually do care for him. Stop bashing Pledis, Sam or his mom just cause he isn’t sitting and doing nothing with his talents. Because that kid can freaking dance

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    Oh my god. THANK YOU SO MUCH. LIHSOIHDS Finally. Someone who understands.
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    word. I’m freaked that he’s so young ((tbh I’m freaked that anyone born after 2000 is like….a functioning person…they...
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